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Even though the JOYSTICK driver is built into the GEOS kernal, you might as well download it anyway and put it on your boot disk. Go ahead and grab the mouse drivers as well. Then when you boot up, whichever driver appears first on the disk is the one that will be loaded into memory. When you choose "select input" from the "geos" menu on the deskTop, the driver you choose will be repositioned so as to be the first input driver.

NOTE: You might find yourself at one time or another with the wrong input driver loaded. If so, then you won't be able to move the mouse pointer to make selections from the menus. However, you can take care of the problem entirely with the keyboard. If your boot disk is in drive A, press CMDR/A to select drive A to make it the current drive. Now press CMDR/I to bring up an input driver selection box. In this dialog box, you can use the cursor keys and RETURN key to make selections. Cursor down through the list of available input drivers and hit RETURN to select it. Then cursor over and down to the OK button and hit RETURN again. Your selection will be installed into memory and moved to be the first input driver on the disk.

Here's a selection of input drivers for you to choose from. Grab them all if you'd like. Use Convert 2.5 to convert them into GEOS format and then copy them to your boot disk. If you have a CMD SmartMouse, check out the disk that came with it. You'll find some mouse drivers on the disk. They are already in GEOS format, so just copy them to your boot disk.

NOTE: One thing you will notice with the files you download here and convert is the filenames will change to their original names the way they were before they were converted to a non-GEOS format and renamed for transmitting through the internet.

For the 64:

JOYSTICK (1K) - the standard joystick driver

COMM 1351 (1K) - the standard 1351 mouse driver

COMM 1351(a) (1K) - 1351 mouse driver that accelerates

INKWELL (1K) - a light pen driver

KOALA PAD (1K) - a driver for the Koala Pad

For the 128:

128 JOYSTICK (1K) - the standard joystick driver

128 COMM 1351 (1K) - the standard 1351 mouse driver

128 COMM 1351(a) (1K) - 1351 mouse driver that accelerates

For the next step, let's go get some desk accessories.



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