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File copying

When you use GEOS, you'll find yourself doing a lot of filecopying. Copying files is easy in GEOS. You don't even have to load up a special program to do it. This function is built right into the deskTop. In fact, you'll discover that the deskTop has quite a few handy functions built in.

In order to continue setting up our boot disk as well as other support disks with applications, we need to be able to copy files from disk to disk. Since we have our basic GEOS boot system set up on one disk and Convert 2.5 on another disk, let's see about getting Convert 2.5 onto our boot disk since it will be one of our most-used programs until we are completely setup.

Leave the boot disk in the drive you booted from and insert the disk with Convert 2.5 into the other drive. For this discussion, we'll assume the boot drive is drive A and the other drive is drive B. Move the mouse pointer over the drive B icon and click once on it. The deskTop will proceed to open drive B and display the first page of files on the file pad. Actually there will only be one file shown, Convert 2.5.

Copying this file to the boot disk is easy. Just place your mouse pointer over Convert 2.5's icon and click once. After a slight pause, click again. By pausing slightly, you have produced two single clicks. If you didn't pause long enough, you would have produced a double-click and the deskTop would have proceeded to load and run Convert 2.5. Instead you now have a ghost of the file icon attached to your mouse pointer. You can move the mouse pointer and the file icon will follow along. Simply drag the icon over to the drive A icon and click again. This will drop the icon onto drive A and the deskTop will proceed to copy the file to your boot disk for you. When it's finished, you will have a copy of Convert 2.5 on your boot disk. It will now be available for your use everytime you boot up GEOS to help you get more files set up for use.

It's now time to get the rest of the files you'll be wanting on your boot disk. You'll need an input driver and a printer driver. Later on, you can download additional files such as desk accessories and applications. Those don't have to be on your boot disk. You can set up additional disks with applications. In many cases, it is desirable to have a separate disk for each application unless you've got the larger storage capacity of the 1581 drive. With one application on a disk, you'll have additional room for data files that you might create as you use the application.

Let's go to the next step and get some drivers.



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