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GEOS download section
Getting started

Even though GEOS 64 and GEOS 128 are being provided here for free downloading, this is still commercial software. Therefore all existing copyrights still apply. GEOS is being provided for free downloading in the hopes it will encourage more active participation among Commodore users.

As a user, you are perfectly welcome to download GEOS here and use it as much as you'd like. The only restrictions are you must not sell it or redistribute it in any form or fashion. The only way it may be redistributed is if you know someone who would like a copy but they have no way of downloading it here. In that case, you are allowed to download GEOS for that person, but you must not charge for the service nor may you charge for the disks you supply. This is to be a completely free service available only from this web site here at cmdrkey.com.

The exception to the redistribution rule is with a few of the files included here in order to make this downloading possible. Wraptor and Convert 2.5 may be redistributed. These files have been authorized by the original owners to be freely distributed. The printer drivers and fonts may also be freely passed around.

If you're new to GEOS, you might find it very helpful to follow along through each page here in order. In addition to helping guide you through the entire setup process, you will get a brief and simple tutorial as you progress through each step. Click below to continue.

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