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GEOS download section
Download Convert 2.5

Now that we can get GEOS up and running, we can do the rest of our work from within GEOS. Well, almost.

First we have to download a program called Convert 2.5 and get it into a format for use in GEOS. Convert 2.5 is a GEOS program, but to be able to download it, it must be in a format that is not a GEOS file, as we have learned. This program is unique in that it starts out as a BASIC program. When you run it, it will convert itself into a GEOS file and will then be ready to use within the GEOS environment.

Before running Convert 2.5 for the first time, you MUST put it onto a single-sided 1541 disk and it must be the only file on the disk. You can use either a 1541 or 1571 drive to let it auto convert itself. It won't perform this operation properly on any other drive. However, once this is done, you will then be able to use the deskTop from within GEOS to copy Convert 2.5 to any other disk and run it from there. Only the initial installation of Convert 2.5 is performed on a 1541 AND FROM BASIC in 64 mode, not from within GEOS. Once it becomes a GEOS program, it will be usable in either GEOS 64 or GEOS 128.

So, go ahead and download Convert 2.5 now.

CONVERT.BAS (12K) - Convert 2.5 in it's initial BASIC form.

Once you've gotten CONVERT.BAS onto a 1541 disk, check to be sure your method of copying has saved it as a PRG file and not a SEQ file or you won't be able to load and run it. Also, make sure it's the only program on the disk. When you're ready, load it and run it like you would any other BASIC program. After a few moments, it will be finished and you'll have a disk containing a new GEOS program.

You'll now use Convert 2.5 to convert additional files that you'll download here as well as from other sources you may encounter.

If you're ready to proceed further, let's see about getting another drive running before downloading anymore files.



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