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GEOS download section
Download printer drivers

Here is just a small sampling of printer drivers you can use. You'll find many more on other public domain sites. With GEOS 64, the printer driver you use must be on your boot disk as well as each disk containing applications that you will use for printing. The application will load the driver into memory from disk. With GEOS 128, this is not necessary. The printer driver only needs to be loaded into memory once, such as during bootup from your boot disk. These drivers all work with both GEOS 64 and GEOS 128.

The filenames are pretty much self-explanatory as to which printer these will work with. When you see "DS" in the filename, that means the printer will do double-strike for better quality printing. "QS" in the filename indicates quad-strike for even better quality. Be warned that these drivers are very slow due to the multiple passes made by the printhead.

The printers that require a parallel port interface that connects from the Commodore serial bus to the parallel port on the printer generally require that the interface be switched to transparent mode with no linefeeds added. Experimentation will determine the settings you will need to make.

1526 (1K)
ASCII Only (1K)
BlueChip M120 (1K)
C.Itoh 8510 (1K)
C.Itoh 8510A (1K)
C.Itoh 8510 D.S. (1K)
C.Itoh 8510 Q.S. (1K)
C.Itoh RED. (1K)
Comm. Compat. (1K)
Epson FX-80 (1K)
Epson FX-80 DS (1K)
Epson FX-80 QS (1K)
Epson JX-80 (1K)
Epson LQ-1500 (1K)
Epson LX-80 (1K)
Epson MX-80 (1K)
Epson RED. (1K)
Gemini 10x (1K)
Gemini DS (1K)
Gemini QS (1K)
IBM 5152+ (1K)
IBM 5152+ DS (1K)
IBM 5152+ QS (1K)
ImageWriter (2K)
ImageWriterDS (2K)
ImageWriterQS (2K)
ImageWriter II (2K)
ImWrtr II DS (2K)
ImWrtr II QS (2K)
LaserJet PAR. (1K) - for parallel interface
LaserJet SER. (2K) - for RS-232 interface
LaserWriter 2.1 (1K)
MPS-801 (1K)
MPS-803 (1K)
MPS-1000 (1K)
MPS 1200 (1K)
MPS-1200 DS (1K)
MPS 1200 QS (1K)
Oki 120 (1K)
Oki 120 NLQ (1K)
Oki ML-92/93 (1K)
Okimate 10 (1K)
Okimate 20 (1K)
Olivetti PR2300 (1K)
Riteman C+ (1K)
Scribe (2K)
Star NB-15 (1K)
Star NL-10(com) (1K)
Star NX-10 (1K)
Star NX-10 DS (1K)
Star NX-10 QS (1K)
Star NX-10C (1K)
NX-1000 Rainbow (1K)
Star SG-10/15 (1K)
Toshiba P321 (1K)

You should have everything you need to run a decent GEOS system now. However, if you have other configurations that need to be supported such as the CMD-HD, RAMLink, geoRAM, or the BBGRam, then continue on to the next step and get what you need to use those devices.



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