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GEOS download section
Download the boot files

Choose the computer you will be using along with the type of drive you will be booting from and then download the appropriate file. You only need one of the following Wraptor'd files to get a basic GEOS boot disk prepared.

G6441.WR3 (57K) - for the 64 with 1541 drive
G6471.WR3 (58K) - for the 64 with 1571 drive
G6481.WR3 (57K) - for the 64 with 1581 drive
G12841.WR3 (74K) - for the 128 with 1541 drive
G12871.WR3 (74K) - for the 128 with 1571 drive
G12881.WR3 (73K) - for the 128 with 1581 drive

Next, get this file onto a Commodore disk so you can use Wraptor to unwrap it to another Commodore disk which will be your new boot disk. Once unwrapped, you should be ready to boot up and test your basic GEOS system. You can click here to go back and reread the previous section if you need to.

Things you need to know about booting GEOS from a 1571

With a 64:
When you turn on your 64 and 1571, the drive will always default to 1541 mode. With the drive in 1541 mode, you must use the 1541 disk driver. If you download the file containing the 1571 driver, then you must put the drive into 1571 mode prior to booting GEOS. The following command will do this:

Of course, if you never have a need to use double-sided 1571 formatted disks, then just use the 1541 driver and the drive will act just like a 1541 while using it in GEOS.

With a 128:
The 1571 drive will default to 1571 mode when used with the 128. You can use either the 1541 or 1571 driver to boot GEOS. If you use the 1541 driver, once Configure starts up during the bootup sequence, it will automatically switch to the 1571 driver. On the other hand, if you start out with the drive in 1541 mode (by issuing the U0>M0 command), then you cannot boot up using the 1571 driver. In that case, you must use the 1541 driver. However, Configure will switch the drive to 1571 mode and will install the 1571 driver during the bootup sequence. If for some reason you must use 1541 mode, you will have to wait until after bootup, then load and run 128 CONFIGURE and switch the drive to 1541 mode from Configure's user interface.

Once you know you have a GEOS system up and running, you can start adding the rest of the goodies. Go to the next step when you are ready.



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