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On this site you'll find software for your Commodore 64 or 128 as well as software for other Commodore computers. But there is more than just software as you will also find useful articles and other bits of information amongst this collection. Check out sections such as the "Information" section in the GEnie Library here.

Please don't abuse this system by downloading every single file here all during one visit. But feel free to look around as much as you'd like and grab any files that you'd like whenever you wish.

Coming soon! Click Here Software will be making available for free downloading the following applications for the Commodore 64 and the Commodore 128: Wheels 64, Wheels 128, plus all the major GEOS apps such as geoPublish, geoCalc, geoFile, and more. These will also be made available for purchase once again for those who do not wish to download and transfer over to a Commodore disk. Currently, Wheels 64 and Wheels 128 are undergoing modifications needed to remove the copy protection which will allow the software to be made downloadable and usable. The downloadable versions will all be keyed to match the GEOS system that is available for download here at cbmfiles.com.

GEOS 64 & 128   This is the actual GEOS boot system complete with the standard applications, desk accessories, etc that are supplied with GEOS.

This is made available courtesy of Click Here Software.

GEnie Library   This is the collection of files from the Commodore area on the defunct online service known as GEnie. This has been preserved and made available here for all Commodore users.

Coming soon...   a special collection of SID music from one of the best SID composers of all time.


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